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Luna Park Ride 2CD (digipak)

Luna Park Ride 2CD (digipak)

Tuotekuvaus: CD 1

1. Dark star
2. My little Phoenix
3. The crying moon
4. I walk alone
5. Falling awake
6. Signos
7. Little lies
8. Underneath
9. Stargazers
10. Ciaran's well
11. In for a kill
12. Where were you last night­ Heaven is a place on earth­ Livin' on a prayer
13. Die alive
14. Until my last breath
15. Wishmaster

CD 2 Master of a rock 2010/ Vizovice, Czech Republic:

1. In for a kill
2. I walk alone
3. The archive of lost dreams
4. Crimson deep

Summer breeze open air 2011/ Dinkelsbuhl, Germany:

5. I feel immortal
6. The siren
7. Until my last breath

Tele­Club 2014/ Yekaterinburg. Russia:

8. 500 letters
9. Damned and divine
10. Neverlight

Wacken open air 2014/ Wacken, Germany:

11. Anteroom of death featuring Van Canto

Summer breeze open air 2014/ Dinkelsbuhl, Germany:

12. Never enough
13. Die alive
14. Victim of ritual

Produced by Tarja & Mic Mixed by Tim Palmer


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